System boot floppy disks


Of course, the most important feature of SystemRescueCd is the Linux system that is run from the CDRom, and that allows you to do many administration tasks. Since version 0.2.9, SystemRescueCd allows you to work from virtual bootable floppy disks. These virtual floppies offer the same features you could have with a physical floppy disk which you could boot on when you start your computer. For example, several users need system DOS programs. They start from a DOS floppy disk, and they can run these tools. SystemRescueCd comes with several system floppy disks. The floppy list appears when you press F2 in the very first prompt. This page shows many options on the top, and floppy disk images at the bottom. In the next section, we will have an overview of each of them.

Overview of the boot floppy disks

Offline NT Password and Registry editor

Just type this image name at the prompt: ntpass This program allows you to change system information written in the Windows settings. The most interesting one is the ability to change the password of a user account. Now, you won’t have to reinstall Windows if you forget the password of the administrator account. You just have to edit the password with this utility. This program also allows you to edit the Windows registry. It works even when Windows is installed on an NTFS disk.


Just type this image name at the prompt: freedos FreeDos is a free operating system compatible with MS-DOS. It allows you to run DOS programs such as Partition Magic or Drive Image without an MS-DOS license.


Just type this image name at the prompt: memtest Memtest is a memory tester. This program will tell you if your physical memory is damaged or not.

GAG: Graphical-Boot-Manager

Just type this image name at the prompt: gag GAG is a boot manager, such as Lilo, Grub, or Boot-Magic. It aims to be very nice and easy to use.

Ranish Partition Manager

Just type this image name at the prompt: ranish Ranish Partition Manager is a low level partition manager such as Fdisk, but it is more powerful.

Dban (Darik’s Boot and Nuke)

Just type this image name at the prompt: dban Dban is a bootdisk that allows you to destroy all data on a computer. Be aware it’s dangerous to use. You can use dban if you want to be sure nobody will be able to read data from a computer. For example, if you want to give your computer to someone, and your computer had important data, you can use dban before giving them the computer. It will wipe all data from all the hard disks.


Just type this image name at the prompt: aida Aida is an advanced diagnostic system program. It will detect many pieces of hardware of your computer, such as the Processor, chipset, mainboard, network card, … It’s very useful when you want to download a driver and you don’t know which one to take.

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