SystemRescueCd Questions

I want to make my own version of SystemRescueCd

You can make your own custom version of SystemRecueCd. You should read the Customization guide

Do you plan to add new programs, such as CD rippers ?

Many other programs would be useful, but SystemRescueCd is not a Linux distribution targeting the dekstop. Other distros, like Knoppix, already do this very well. What I want to make is something that does not exist:

  • graphical partition tools that are very easy to use, and do not require configuration
  • all up-to-date system tools such as disk and filesystem utilities

Making something that already exists, and works well, such as Knoppix, would be a waste of time. Suggestions that match the goal of this CD (such as system tools that we do not know about) are welcome.

No keymap matches with my keyboard

Several users told me there was no keymap for their keyboard. The best thing to do is to boot with another keymap (boot with fb800 setkmap=us for example) and then load the keymap when the system finished working with such a command: loadkeys /usr/share/keymaps/i386/qwertz/ Of course, you have to replace with your own keymap.

You can contact the developers in the forum too, and make the keymap file for us. Here are the steps to follow:

Compile a busybox binary:

  • busybox contains most of the standard Linux command line tools. Download the busybox sources from
  • Type “make menuconfig”. Now, configure busybox. You have to enable dumpkmap in “console utilities”. Then save the configuration
  • Compile with “make”
  • BusyBox should be ready

Create the keymap:

  • Make sure the keymap you want to add support for is loaded on your linux system. In general, this was already done when you installed your GNU/Linux distribution on your computer.
  • run “./busybox dumpkmap > the-new-map-file”
  • Send us this file, and tell me what kind of keymap it is (for example “FR_ch”)

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