Sysresccd-manual-en Downloading and burning



SystemRescueCd is provided as an ISO image file to be burned to a CD and will produce a bootable CDRom. SystemRescueCd is not software that can be run with an existing operating system.

You can download the ISO image file with your favourite browser. Sometimes, the file is shown in the navigator's main window instead of being downloaded. If you have problems, download the file with wget often installed by default under Linux, or a win32 version of wget . Downloading with wget is easy: wget <address-of-the-iso-file>

Once the file is downloaded, check that there was no error with md5sum. Run md5sum on the iso file. The output must match the MD5 number that is given on this website.


You can burn the ISO image file with most burning software. Under Windows, Nero does this very well but you can also use ImgBurn which is free.

Under Linux, you can use command line programs such as wodim or graphical programs such as k3b, xfburn or brasero.

Burning with wodim is easy. First, type wodim --devices in order to get the identifier for your device.

Then, type the following to actually burn an iso image:

wodim dev=/dev/scXX -v systemrescuecd-x86-x.y.z.iso    (in a console.)

For instance:

wodim dev=/dev/sr0 speed=8 -v sysresccd-x.y.z.iso