• 0.4.0) 2007-10-01:
    • First SystemRescueCd release for sparc architecture
    • Linux-2.6.22 kernel with Reiser4 patch
    • Support for most hardware (disks, network cards, ...) found on SPARC64
    • File systems support for ext2fs/ext3fs, reiserfs, jfs, xfs, ufs (solaris)
    • Network tools: ssh, telnet, tcpdump, traceroute, nmap, netcat, ...
    • Sparc-utils (eeprom, prtconf, ...) and OBP available from /proc/openprom
    • Archive and compression tools: tar, gzip, bzip2, zip, rar, p7zip, lzop, ...
    • Ability to mount Solaris UFS partitions read-only (useful for backup)
    • CD/DVD burning tools: cdrecord-2.01, dvd+rw-tools-7.0, cdw-0.2.4
    • Disk tools: fdisk, parted (for PC disk labels), dd-rescue
    • Network filesystems: NFS client+server, Samba-3.0.24
    • Scripting languages: Perl-5.8.8 and Python-2.4.4
    • SystemRescueCd customization script (sysresccd-custom)
    • Midnight Commander (mc) file manager
    • Text editors: vim, nano, zile, hexedit
    • Security tools: clamav antivirus, chkrootkit, ...
    • No graphical mode for the moment