When a linux system starts is gives a name such as eth0 to each ethernet network interface. On a server with multiple interfaces, the name given to an interface may depend on the order the drivers are loaded. The problem is two different linux flavors may attribute different names the same interface. For instance one card may be detected as eth0 on gentoo linux, and it may show up as eth1 on redhat.

To solve that problem, we can can specify what interface name to give to a particular interface using the mac address. Since the mac address is not supported to vary for a specific interface, you will be sure that a card will always keep the same name.

SystemRescueCd-1.1.0-beta1 introduces a boot option to do that. The name of this option is nameif. Here is how you can specify which interface is using which mac address on a machine with two network interfaces:


Be carreful, you have to respect the separator (comma between the interfaces and exclamation marks between the name and the mac address).

You will probaby want to use the network IP configuration options in the same time. Here is an example:

rescuecd  eth0= eth1= nameif=eth0!00:0C:29:57:D0:6E,eth1!00:0C:29:57:D0:64