SystemRescueCd for Sparc



This page presents the details about the SPARC (Sun architecture) edition of SystemRescueCd. This edition can be download from the sparc section and there is an detailed Changelog.

Features in SystemRescueCd for SPARC

SystemRescueCd for SPARC aims to provide a livecd for SPARC based on Linux, that allows you to install, backup and troubleshoot your system or your data on a Sparc machine. It's based on a recent linux-2.6.22 kernel with support for most hardware and file systems. Then you can partition your disk (with fdisk or parted), format a partition with one of the supported file systems (ext3fs, reiserfs, xfs, jfs, ufs (solaris). The read-only support for UFS allows you to mount and backup your Solaris file systems.

SystemRescueCd for Sparc comes with most network tools (ssh, telnet, NFS client+server, Samba-3.0.24, tcpdump, ...) in order to provide all tools necessary to work remotely. It also support Perl-5.8.8 and Python-2.4.4 that are widely used scripting languages.

If you want to have more details about the programs provided with this edition please browse the detailed package list for SPARC.

Questions and feedback

Please, post questions about releases for SPARC in this part of the forums:

Booting linux on sparc

You may have problems to boot with SystemRescueCd on SPARC computers. In that case, check the followings:

  • Check your OBP (OpenBios Prom) is recent. You may have to upgrade it if it's too old.
  • Check you have a sparc64 architecture (sun4u or sun4v)
  • In case of problems with boot cdrom try cold boot (you must define the cdrom as first boot device with setenv boot-device cdrom disk net in OBP before)