Sysresccd-manual-en Burning a DVD+RW from SystemRescueCd by mounting it



You may need to burn files to a DVD+RW disc with SystemRescueCd since this system is focused on system and rescue. You may for example need to backup your data or your system to a DVD+RW disc. This page focus on the "live" way to burn a DVD+RW, by mounting the disc. It allows to burn the DVD+RW without having to copy the data on an hard-disk first. It may be necessary for example if you want to save your system with partimage. Partimage is not able to burn a disc, then you are supposed to save the system to an image file on the hard disk first, and then burn the image to a disc. It may be a problem if you don't have an available disk to save the image file. With this way to burn a DVD+RW, you don't need a free partition / disk space. It will work with DVD+RW medias. It means it won't work with DVD-RW. The disc will be burned with the UDF filesystem. The old standard ISO filesystem cannot store files larger than 2GB, UDF can.

Summary of the steps

  • Boot SystemRescueCd
  • Format the DVD+RW media
  • Make the UDF filesystem
  • Mount the disc and copy the files

Step-1: Boot SystemRescueCd

Step-2: Format the DVD+RW media

Step-3: Make the UDF filesystem

==Step-4: Mount the disc and copy the files